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This week, as usual you have the choice to continue with work from bitesize:


Otherwise, the rest of us will be finishing off our work on fractions.

There will be a challenge everyday for those people who really love maths.



We really hope you enjoyed your singing yesterday and learned the song! We are so excited to see your videos!


Today we are going to think a little bit about the characters in the story and do a little acting, just like the actors in the Unicorn Theatre films.


In the Anansi stories, all the characters are animals. Sometimes they take human form but they keep some of the characteristics of the animals they are named after. For example, Anansi is a spider and he is tricksy, clever and lazy.


Today's tasks:


Ghana is rich with wonderful wildlife. Do a little research into the animals that live in Ghana. Choose your favourite and draw a picture of the animal. Then you can add labels which describe the animal. 


Choose three or four animals but don't tell anyone! Then mime the animal for your family at home to see if they can guess which one you are! Adults, you too please! Again, videos of miming in action would be great fun to see!