Welcome to our school website - please come in and take a look around. Do you know our six school values? They are co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness.

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Today, we are going to write about something else that the book mentions. It says that kindness can be easy. We would like to know when it is easy for you. Think of 4 different ways that being kind is easy. This could be at home, while playing or when out and about with nature... it's up to you.


Write a sentence about each one. 

You can write more if you wish.


Perhaps you could start each sentence with 'Kindness is easy when...'

If you put each one on a new line, you have a kindness poem! 


Have you remembered your times tables today??


As usual, here is the link for bitesize:


Today we will be developing our understanding of tenths.