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This week there are still 2 options.


1. Continue working on the Bitesize work here:


2. This week, we are going to take a look at fractions. We will mostly follow White Rose for this but there will also be a daily open-ended challenge for those people who need something extra.


Here is the link to the video for you watch before answering the questions.

Extra Challenge

Today is a fractions party.


You can do this from the picture or you can do it in real life at home.

You are having a fractions party with one friend. What will each person have if they share it equally in half?

Something else: What if someone else comes and you decide to share it equally into 3?



Let's recap:


This week we have thought about hopes and how there is always a 'little drop of hope' which can become your 'guiding star'.


You have written a description of a character in a hopeless situation and thought about what might happen to change it from a hopeless to a hopeful situation.


So today, we would love for you to write the end part of the story from where the character discovers the 'drop of hope' to the end.


Think about the very end first. Where does your character end up? At home? In a palace? Sailing away to their next adventure?


Once you have decided on the end, think about how your character is going to get there. Below you will find a comic strip planning page for you to plan the steps and some lined paper for you to print and write on if you are able to.


This might take at least two days to do, so don't feel you have to do it all in one day. It can be Friday's writing task too.


I will put an extra challenge in Friday's work for those of you who get a really exciting end part of a story finished.