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On the last page we find out that the creature is a human and the main character of the story is a dragon. Using your imagination can you draw what you think the dragon could look like. How big do you think the dragon is? Does it have scales? If so, what colour are they?

Does the author make the dragon sound caring and kind, or scary? How does this effect the way the dragon could look?


Once you have drawn your dragon can you write three sentences to describe your dragon. Make sure that you are descriptive, we need to be able to picture the dragon in our head without looking at your amazing drawing. You could write a sentence about what it looks like, another about how it moves and then you could think about the noise your dragon makes.

Challenge: Use a sentence of 3 for description for each separate sentence. For example, ‘The dragon had opal scales, razor sharp claws and eyes as yellow as the sun.’


This week, there is a bit of a change again.


Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped providing maths sheets for free so this week you have two options for maths practice. We have used some of the White Rose ideas to make the activities. If you manage to do both then great! The 2 options are linked this week.


1. Continue following the daily lessons on Bitesize


2. Today you are going to do some calculation practice.

Time yourself to see how quickly you can answer all these questions.

Once you have done them, check the answers.

Challenge: Write an explanation of how to answer each question. Explain what number facts of calculation knowledge you will need.