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Term 6 week 1 1.6.20


Changing me

Term 6 week 1 – Understanding that everyone is unique and special

You could draw around a child on paper, chalk around your child outside, draw a picture of a child, look at a picture in a book or magazine or use the blank outline in the link below. Give your child two minutes to name as many parts of the body as possible.

When they have named as many as possible continue together. Label both internal and external parts of the body.

Can your child explain what each part does and why it is important?


Calm me Script

The children are used to doing this in class before Jigsaw. You may find it helps your child to  focus and prepare of the session.

  • Sit up in your chair or on the floor with a lovely straight back.
  • Feel proud.
  • Smile.
  • Gently clasp your hands together so your fingers are entwined and then squeeze your fingers tightly.
  • Then relax your fingers, stop squeezing them and wiggle them instead.
  • Put your hands in your lap gently. Feel calm.
  • Now take a big deep breath in through your nose and gently blow out your breath through your mouth. Is it rainbow breath or what colour do you imagine your breath to be?
  • Is your breath warm or cold? (Repeat)
  • Now put your hands on your heart and as you breathe feel your heart beating, doing its work to keep your body alive and healthy. I love my heart and thank it for keeping me healthy.
  • Put your hands on your knees. I love my knees and thank them for helping me have strong legs to run, jump and play



This book is a fun way to find out about the body

 Book: ‘Look Inside Your Body’ by Louie Stowell