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Term 5 Stone Age to Iron Age

Stone Age to Iron Age

Welcome to one of Mrs Walker's very favourite topics!! This term we will be immersing ourselves in history, looking at changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

The changes we are going to look at took place over a reeeeeeaaaalllly loooooong time. Around 10, 000 years - between the last Ice Age and the Roman Invasion.

Watch this clip for a very brief overview of that time period....

It is really important to remember that things didn't suddenly change overnight between the Ice Age and the Stone Age or the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Changes happened over hundreds and thousands of years as people and their environment evolved and adapted.

Watch poet Michael Rosen's funny poem on Prehistory!

Have a look at these timelines to see when events and 'Ages' happened in Britain so you can understand a bit more about periods of time in Britain's history:
Here's a great magazine from English Heritage covering the period from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Enjoy!
Here are some topic book ideas if you want to read more.
Weekly Tasks: