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Step 1 - colour wheel

This session is all about colour mixing - don't worry if you don't have any paint, you can watch the video and make a colour wheel and collage from objects at home instead!

These are the three primary colours:


When you mix them together, they make different colours - these are called secondary colours:


If you don't have paint at home, you can collect items of different colours from round the house to make your own colour wheel like these:
If you have paint at home, have a go at mixing red and yellow in different quantities to see how many different shades of orange you can get. Use the sheet below to show what you made:

Once you have all your different shades of orange, you could practise painting stripes of red, orange and yellow like a sunset/ sunrise.

If you have crayons, chalks or felts, you can experiment with sunset stripes too or you could make a collage like this:



Next session we will use these skills to create the backdrop for our diorama.