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This week we are continuing to learn how to spell words from the Year 3 & 4 word list. We are going to use a special strategy to help us remember how to spell them! We are going to practise spotting words within words. It’s like being a word detective and is great fun!

For example, in the word early, I can spot the word ‘ear’



Here are the words we are going to learn how to spell this week:

Important                  Interest

Forwards                   Continue

Woman                       Women                  Often

smiley   Choose from the following activities to help you remember how to spell these words. You could create a poster with some of the different activities on!


1.  Write the words out neatly. Can you spot a word within each of these          words?  Underline the hidden words.

     Example:  early


2.  Write the words out again. Can you write the hidden words in a                different colour to the other letters?

     Example: early


3.  Write the words again. Can you write the hidden words you have               spotted in CAPITAL letters and the rest of the letters in lower case?

    Example: EARly


4.  You could draw a little picture next to one of the words you have             written out in a previous task showing the hidden word’s meaning.


7.  Can you work out which words have been scrambled below?