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Week 2 Spellings

We are still focusing on the 'soft c' sound.

Words to learn this week are these ones:









Practise writing them out in a sentence and underline the 'soft c' sound. 

Can you work out a spelling rule?

Can you think of any more words with 'ci' or 'cy' words with a 'soft c' sound?

Watch this clip and see if any of your words are on there.

Some ideas for how to practise your spellings include:

Make a spelling fortune teller, write each letter in a different colourmake words from playdough or legocreate your own crossword, write words in bubble writing, type up wordstest people in your house, play spelling ping-pong where you each say a letter in turn.

Let us know what fun ways you find to learn those tricky words!

You can also use Spellodrome on the Mathletics site to practise.


Below  is a grid of even more fun activities to help you practise your spellings in different ways:

If you can do these ones, there are more below to practise on the Year 3/4 spelling list! You could set up a home Spelling Bee with your family!

Week 1 Spelling list