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This term, we would like you to take charge of your spellings! Have a look at the Year 3/4 spelling list below and choose 8 words that you find tricky to spell each work. These will be your spelling focus for the week. You might already have a list from our previous spelling tests that you would like to practice again. 


Monday - Read your new spelling words in your best UNDERWATER voice and then write them out using coloured pencils. 


Tuesday - Silly Sentences. Write sentences with your spelling words in. Can you get more than one word in a single sentence?


Wednesday - Handwriting. It's really important that you continue to practice your handwriting and focus on your presentation. Write out your spelling words in your neatest handwriting. 


Thursday - Words without vowels. Write your spelling words out but missing out the vowels in the word. Replace the vowels with a dash and see if someone in the house can work out what the words are.


Friday - Spelling test! Ask someone at home to test you on your spelling list. 

Your spelling activities at home

Eve's headline spellings
Louis' spelling letter
Oscar's homophone help sheet