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This week we will be revisiting some homophones that we have looked at earlier this year. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Remember that these words can be easily confused so it's important that we understand the meaning to help us with our spellings. Effect and affect are often confused and can be very tricky to remember.  


Can you think of your own examples to help us remember. Here's a picture to give you an idea for your sentences.


This week our grammar focus is apostrophes for possession. 


Monday - Read your new spelling words and find out what each word means. Copy them in your neatest handwriting. 


What's the difference between who's and whose


Whose is the possessive form of who. e.g. whose jumper is this? 


Who's is the contraction of who is or who has.


If you are not sure if the spelling is whose or who's, why not try replacing it with who is to see if it makes sense. E.g. who's jumper is this would not make sense because who is jumper is this doesn't make sense.


Tuesday - Super sentences! Write a sentence for each homophone that will help you remember its meaning. Fill in the blanks - Ask an adult to read out your sentence to you and challenge you to write the correct spelling for the homophone. 


Wednesday - Apostrophes for possession. Today we would like you to follow this link to BBC Bitesize and recap our learning about apostrophes for possession. Watch the videos and complete each activity. A copy of both worksheets can be found below. 


Thursday - Homophone match up. Complete the worksheet below and match each homophone with the correct meaning. 


Friday - Spelling test! Complete the spelling test sheet by filling in the blanks. 

Your spelling activities at home

Your spelling activities at home 1 Eve's headline spellings
Your spelling activities at home 2 Louis' spelling letter