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Term 6


Congratulations to the children of Pine Class and Chestnut Class for graduating from Reception. What an amazing year!


What a busy term we have had.  Our Community Day at the start of the term saw Reception children dressed as superheroes to deliver sunshine cookies to local residents as a random act of kindness.


In literacy we have been learning the story of The Ugly Duckling. Each child had a go at writing the story in their own words which blew us away! What amazing progress the children have made in their writing.


In Maths we have explored sharing, doubling, halving and solving mathematical problems using money. We have ended the term by taking part in sports day.

We celebrated the end of the year by having a fun morning in the park with friends and family, followed by a class graduation where we all received a certificate to celebrate the amazing progress we have achieved.

Term 5

Wow! What a brilliant term the children have had. We started our Enquiry ‘How are animals different?’ by hatching eggs. We were able to observe the eggs before they hatched into four fluffy chicks. It was great to see how the children cared for them over the two weeks and they even got to hold them! We also went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo where we got to see a variety of different animals and some of us chose to hold a cockroach.


Chestnut class had their class assembly where the children were able to show their parents and carers their learning.


This term the children have been very busy moving through the reading levels, understanding what they have read and recognising lots of keywords! Keep up the good work everyone. In Maths we have been exploring time, distance, shapes, adding and subtraction. It is amazing to see how much the children have learnt already this year.


We have ended the term with a very exciting Charity week. Chestnut class learnt about RNLI, with a visit to RNLI Portishead, and Pine Class learnt about Guide dogs and had a visit from Joker the puppy in training and Rhana the working guide dog. Then children designed crafts to sell at the fayre to raise money for their charities. Thank you for all the support.

Term 4

Wow! What a brilliant and busy term the children have had.  We learnt the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, then changed the caterpillar into our own characters. We wrote about the different food that the caterpillar ate, made lists and we even wrote our own story whilst using adjectives and conjunctions. Pine Class told this story to their parents and carers during their class assembly.


On March 1st we took part in World book day, by dressing up as our favourite book character and sharing our love of books with other children in the school. We had a storyteller come and talk to us about how to make a great story using the Julia Donaldson stories as examples. The children loved joining in with this.


In Maths we have been focusing on 3D shapes, teen numbers, number bonds to 10 and halving numbers. Throughout the term we thought about our value of ‘honesty’ and the importance of telling the truth. We explored honesty in the story of The Boy who Cried Wolf and Pinocchio.


During Science Day we enjoyed creating our very own home for Incy Wincy Spider, to protect him from the rain. First we explored different materials to see if they were waterproof, then built Incy’s house. We shared our ideas with the rest of the school.

To finish the term off the children enjoyed their first Easter egg competition, judged by Mr Gunner, and they enjoyed raising money for Sports relief by dressing up in sporty clothes.

Term 3


Wow what a busy term the children have had! We started off by learning the story of The Enormous Turnip and then we changed the turnip into another vegetable. We wrote labels, captions and sentences about the characters, using adjectives and conjunctions. We also learnt about rhyming and how we can make a silly sentence using different rhyming words.


In Maths, we have been focusing on teen numbers and how they are made using tens and ones with Numicon. We have also been learning about addition and subtraction, especially how to read a number sentence. We have been exploring the concept of time. We worked out that we could jump a lot more times than write our own names in a minute!


Throughout the term we thought about our value ‘responsibility’ and how we can show this in school, at home and in the community. It was lovely to see the children taking responsibility for their book bags and personal belongings every day. Well done!


We ended the term off by having an enquiry WOW day where we dressed up as someone who helps us. It was great to hear how the children help you at home and how different people in our community help us too. 

Term 2

This term our Enquiry question was ‘What do we celebrate?’ As a class we talked about things we celebrate and why, such as Bonfire night, birthdays, weddings and Diwali. We also planned a party for our class teddy’s birthday!

We have been learning the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We drew and labelled characters using describing words, we wrote sentences about the characters and even wrote speech bubbles! In maths we have been practising counting forwards and backwards to 20. We have been learning about more and less, finding the number one more or less than a given number. We have explored Numicon and how to find different ways of making a number.


We have thought about our value of the term ‘determination’ and how we can show this at school and in our community. The children are working hard to try new things and not to give up. We also showed a growth mindset when starring in our first school nativity performance and we participated in the schools Christmas Carol Concert at the church.


Also this term, we came back to school when it was dark for bedtime reading and hot chocolate, we went to Ashton Court to feed the deer and we invited our grandparents into school as part of Community Day.

Term 1

What a great first term! The children have settled well and are enjoying making new friends, whilst exploring their new school. This term we have been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We drew a picture of our favourite part and talked about how each character behaved. We also changed the main character of the story to make up our own class stories. We have started to learn letter sounds, and parents came to our reading workshops.


Our value has been ‘kindness’ and we talked about how we can show this in school and at home. We explored the story of 'the Lion and the Mouse' and how they showed kindness to each other.


As part of our enquiry ‘Are We All the Same?’  We looked at similarities and differences between us and we even took part in the schools Art on the Hill exhibition with our creative self-portraits.


In maths we have been shape spotters and worked hard to order and count with numbers to 20. We are getting really good at this, and some of us have had a go at writing these numbers too.


We finished the term off with our own Harvest Celebration, where we performed the story of The Little Red Hen and The Big Brown Horse to our parents and carers, as well as singing some Autumnal songs.