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For Reading this week we would like you to read an extract from Boy Giant by Michael Morpurgo

 and answer some literal and inference questions based on the text.


Remember to pick out information from the text for the literal questions and look for clues in the text for the inference questions.


Don't forget to underline or use a highlighter!


Below there is an attached document for you to use or a copy of the text and questions.


An extract from Boy Giant by Michael Morpurgo

All we knew about her was that she called herself J.J., that she spoke English, that she was alone out there in her big yellow rowing boat and that she was like a giant to all three of us – even me – a giant with a bandaged wrist and plasters on her fingers.

‘So tell me,’ she said, ‘tell me everything.’ I could hardly refuse, could I? I mean, this J.J. had saved our lives. It was thanks only to this stranger that we were dry again, well fed, warm and rested. ‘I mean,’ she went on, ‘I want to know how it is that you’re out here on the open ocean in such a small boat. Who are you? Where have you come from?’

I could have asked her much the same questions. But I found myself telling her our whole story. I was happy to tell her too, not just because she had shown us such kindness, but because once I began telling her our story out loud, it somehow helped me to believe it had all really happened to me, helped me to remember who I was, who I had become. That she would believe me I had no doubt. After all, she had the evidence right in front of her. She could hardly take her eyes off the evidence. The three of us were there to prove it. We were the truth of our own story.

I began at the beginning, because without the beginning none of it would have made sense to her; and anyway, none of it would ever have happened. I would never have had to leave home, and my life would have been another story altogether.

‘It’s quite a long story,’ I told her. ‘That’s fine,’ she said. ‘I need to rest this wrist anyway. Can’t row far like this.’

So I began.

1) What can you infer about J.J.? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking. 

2) Why did the narrator feel he couldn’t refuse to tell J.J, his story?

3) I could have asked her much the same questions.’ What does this tell you about the relationship between the narrator and J.J.?

4) Look through the whole text and decide if these statements are true or false.

5) Predict what you think might happen next and explain why.