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 This Week’s Reading Activities  

We have added a choice of activities for you to start this week but you could also continue to do them over the summer holidays.  


  • Click on the link below to open and read the text 'Seeds and Weeds'.  Then answer the questions underneath.
  • Remember, if you are running low on books at home, take a look here. There is a brilliant selection of eBooks which are very easy to access (you will need an adult to register an account for you first).


  • Take a photo of yourself reading in an unusual place!


  • Why not have a go at some of these Bitesize Daily Book Club Lessons? Once you’ve opened the link below, click on Year 3 and away you go!



  • Try a different reading theme each week of the holidays. You could theme weeks by genre or try a different reading format each week, like comics, magazines and newspapers.


  • Why not have a go at Summer Reading Bingo? This Summer Reading Bingo is an activity for children (and adults if they wish!) to complete over the summer holidays. The focus is on reading for pleasure experiences rather than specific texts, with activities like make a den and read inside, read in the dark using a torch and read to a pet or a soft toy. Children can choose what they read for the challenges but there are also some recommended book lists at the bottom of this page! Click on the document below to open the 'Bingo Cards'.
  • Story time Online! Download the ‘Storytime Online sheets’ and click on the links below the QR codes to hear your favourite authors read you some of their stories.                                    
  • Would you like some inspiration to help you choose your next book to read? Have a look at these great recommendations below!