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   This Week’s Reading Activities


This week we have continued to add a choice of activities- fiction or non-fiction depending on what you are reading at home! 

You don’t have to do both sets of activities but you can if you want to.

  • Did you read over the weekend? What time of day suits you best to read to yourself or an adult?
  • If you are running low on books at home. Take a look here. There is a brilliant selection of eBooks which are very easy to access (you will need an adult to register an account for you first).

Fiction Activities:

Task 1: Copy out three sentences or phrases you really liked in your story. Explain what it is you really like about each of them.


Task 2: Design a poster for the book you have read to persuade other people to read the story.


Task 3: Pretend that you are one of the characters in the book and write a diary entry for one day in the story.


Task 4: Click on the link below to open and read ‘The Guard Dog’. Look carefully at the words Bouncer uses, then answer the questions below.

Non- Fiction Activities:

Task 1:  Thinking about one of the main themes of your book (e.g. Sunflowers), mind map what you have learnt about that theme from reading your book.  (You could record it on the worksheet below).

Task 2:   Find five interesting words (maybe new to you) in your book and write them down. Use a dictionary to find their definitions (the meaning of the word)


germinate: starts to grow.


If you don’t have a dictionary at home, you could use an online dictionary like this one:


Can you use the words in your own sentences?


Task 3:  Quick quiz!  Write at least 4 true or false questions about information you have learnt from reading your book. Ask someone you live with to answer them. Will they get full marks?


Sunflower seeds can be used to make oil.

True or false?


Task 4: Read the text: Sunflower Plant Life Cycle.

Then answer the questions underneath.



This term we will be setting you one of our school’s Love of Reading Challenges each week.  This week your challenge is...


Reading Challenge 3:

Read a book that someone you live with loves.