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   This Week's Reading Activities      

This week we have continued to add a choice of activities- fiction or non-fiction depending on what you are reading at home!

You don’t have to do both sets of activities but you can if you want to.

  • Did you read over the weekend? What time of day suits you best to read to yourself or an adult?
  • If you are running low on books at home. Take a look here. There is a brilliant selection of eBooks which are very easy to access (you will need an adult to register an account for you first).

Fiction Activities:

Task 1: Make a list of 10 common nouns and 5 proper nouns in the text you are reading.


Task 2: Choose a descriptive word from your text and write it down. Using a thesaurus (either one you have at home or an online one) write down 5 synonyms and 5 antonyms for that word.


Task 3: Draw a picture of one of the settings in your story book and then write a description of where it is and what happened there.


Task 4: Click on the link below to open and read ‘Things don’t always work out’. Can you look for clues to answer the questions?

Non- Fiction Activities:

Task 1:  Find five words with apostrophes. Write down the word and why an apostrophe has been used.

e.g. doesn’t - contraction of does not


Task 2:  Read through three paragraphs of your book.  What are the most important bits of information? Write them down.


Task 3:  What else would you like to know about this subject? Why? Can you think of at least three things?


Task 4: Read the text: Fossils

Then answer the questions underneath.

This term we will be setting you one of our school’s Love of Reading Challenges each week. 


Reading Challenge 11:

Read a non-fiction book linked to your enquiry topic.