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This Week’s Reading Activities


This week we have added a choice of activities- fiction or non-fiction depending on what you are reading at home!

You don’t have to do both sets of activities but you can if you want to.

* Did you read over the weekend? What time of day suits you best to read to yourself or an adult?

* If you are running low on books at home. Take a look here. There is a brilliant selection of eBooks which are very easy to access (you will need an adult to register an account for you first).

Fiction Activities:

Task 1: Draw a picture of your favourite part of a story you have read or are currently reading and describe what you have drawn.


Task 2: Write 5 questions you might ask the author of a book you have read. For instance, you might like to find out more about a particular part of the book or how the idea came about for it.


Task 3: Write a conversation between you and the main character in a book you’ve read. Remember to write detailed responses for the character.


Task 4: Read ‘Ronald the Rhino’ and answer the questions about the text.

Non- Fiction Activities:

Task 1: Write a list of facts that you have learnt from your book. This could be from one page or from bits taken from the whole book. Can you make a list of at least 4 facts? You could make a poster to show all of your learning!

Task 2: Be a feature detective!

Task 3:   Do you think your non-fiction book has a good title?

Can you think of two other titles that the book could have?

Can you design the new front covers to go with your new titles?

You can draw them on this sheet if you’d like to.

Task 4: Read the text: Children grow seeds from space.

Then answer the questions underneath.

This week's Reading Challenge:

This term we will be setting you one of our school’s Love of Reading Challenges each week. 


Reading Challenge 24:

This week, can you copy and illustrate a favourite poem of yours? 


What does illustrate mean?

It means to draw pictures to go with the poem.  Here are some examples: