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This week, we're going back to the stories of hope. 

This time we're going to read one about a sunflower which links to our Enquiry topic.

Sunflower is page 107


Monday: Read the story.

What does is make you feel?

What do you think the themes of the story might be?


Tuesday: Hal has lots of feelings during the story. Sometimes he feels positive and sometimes negative.

Make a feelings graph to show how he feels. Make notes of what makes him feel good or bad.




Read this part of the text. What do all these words mean - muppet, bozo, loser?

Why do you think Hal thinks these things about himself?

Do you think Hal should think these things about himself?

What would you say to Hal if he was your friend?

What advice would you give to him?

How could you make him feel better?


Write Hal a letter to help him with his bad feelings.

Thursday: At the ends of the story, Hal has grown a lot taller and now Bogsy is a bit scared of him instead of the other way round.


What do you think could happen now? What could happen directly after the story has finished? 

How do you think Hal might treat Bogsy now?

What do you think might change?


Plan the next page of the story using 3 planning boxes.

Friday: Write the next page of the story. 

- Use descriptive language

- Describe how Hal acts

- Describe how the other children act

- Describe the setting