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This week our reading focus is on this book.

ESL Video story book - Stone Age Boy read by Teacher Sabina

Please watch the video of the book being read. It will help the reading learning this week.


Take a look at the page below. One of the wonderful things about this book is how the author uses pictures to show some of the story without words. It leaves it up to you to infer what is happening.

Look at the page below.

The sequence of pictures shows the meeting between the boy and the girl.

We know they can't talk to each other.

What question might the girl be thinking in each picture?

Write them down.


Challenge: How might the boy answer the questions if he knew what they were?


One of the amazing things that the author does in this book is switch genre (type of text). It goes from being a fiction book to a non-fiction book at some points.

Below are two pages from the book where this has happened. Look at them carefully then answer the questions underneath.


1. Why do you think the author has chosen to do this?


2. Do you think the boy would enjoy getting involved in the jobs that are shown? Why/why not? Explain your answer.


3. Make a table with two columns.

Into the first, put jobs that would only happen in the Stone Age. In the second put jobs that might happen now. Which one has the most? Why do you think this is?


Today we will look at an important part in the book. Look at the pages below.

Here they are in a printable format.

For today's task, describe in your own words what is happening in each section. Aim to write 2-3 sentences for each page.

This skill is called summarising. It means being able to communicate what is happening in a text to another person. It's a really important reading skill. Have a go!


The next pages we are going to look at depict the girl taking the boy to a special place. She shows him her tribe's cave paintings.


printable version

This part might make us think and respond to the text in a thoughtful way.

The things that the girl's people paint are obviously very important to them. This is true for the cave paintings that people have discovered in real life.


If we still painted the things that were important to us on rock walls, what would we paint?


Create a list of between 5 and 10 things that you might paint on a wall to show their importance. Have a go at drawing or painting some of them. We would love to see them!



For the last day on this lovely story, we will try and do a little evaluating. This involves working out whether or not the text works for the reader.

It's a good idea to talk about it with other people before you write anything down.

This is because sharing ideas can sometimes help you feel more certain about your own.

I am going to show you the last page, where the boy has grown up.


Here, the boy has become an archaeologist. He spends his time looking for signs of Om and her people.


To evaluate this, we need to decide whether it's a good ending or not. Discuss this with people in your household.


  1. What makes it a good/not good ending?
  2. What would make it a more satisfactory (pleasing) ending?
  3. Can you write down an alternative (different) ending that would be just as good or even better?


Write down your answers, and email them over.

Can't wait to hear about your ideas!