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Matt Barnett is a writer and he has created a funny little video series called Matt's book club show.

Check it out.


James and the Giant Peach (Ends this week!)


Chapter 31 & 32 Task:

Create your own thunderstorm. We would like you to draw your own thunderstorm which you can label to show what is going on. 

  • What is your thunder going to sound like?
  • Will it sound like screaming/ shouting, hitting pans, patting a table?
  • What will come down in your thunderstorm? Rain? Snow? Sweets?
  • What colour will your sky be to show that a storm is happening?




Chapter 33 & 34 Task:

Write a report for the news that would describe what the peach looks like from below.

  • Thinking about how big it looks like from below.
  • What do they think it is? Spaceship?
  • How should the people get to safety, where should they go?
  • You can perform your news report to people in your house. 



Chapter 35 & 36 Task:

Pretending you are the peach what do you think it would look like when it is falling from the sky.

  • It could be rolling, falling really fast.
  • What are you going past when you fall? Birds? Buildings?

You can either write sentences to explain how it feels to be falling as the peach or you can write sentences to explain how it feels to be falling as a peach.



Chapter 37 & 38 Task:

Write a speech that James could use instead of his song to persuade the fire fighters and police officers that you are all not dangerous and will not cause harm. Think of your persuasive language.

  • How can he show that the creatures aren’t dangerous?
  • What can he do to prove his story about the peach is right?



Chapter 39 Task:

We hope you have enjoyed listening to Miss Godfroy and Miss Ahmed reading James and the Giant Peach. Today we would like you to design a new front cover for the story, showing your favourite parts from the book that would make people want to read it (without giving too much away!)

  • Which characters will be on your front cover?
  • Would you change the title of the book at all?