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Chapter 21 & 22 task:

Describe how you think the earthworm is feeling being used as bait to get the seagulls to come closer.

Think of some adjectives that you can use to show how he is feeling in a precise way. Such as terrified.

Using these adjectives can you write three sentences to describe how the earthworm is feeling.




Chapter 23 & 24 task:

Draw what you think the ‘Queen Mary’ ship looks like from the top of the peach. Remember that the peach is above the ship so it will be a bird’s eye view.

  • How do the people look?
  • What size are they?
  • How big is the ship?
  • What can you see from up there?
  • Any pools? Slides?




Chapter 25 & 26 task:

Create a fact file for the grasshopper or spider or earthworm or centipede or ladybird. Informing us of three facts that are special to that insect.

  • Draw a picture of your chosen creature.
  • Can you think of three facts? Such as what they eat? Where they live? What do they like to do?



Chapter 27 & 28 task:

Listen to Chapter 27 carefully and note down all the descriptive language Roald Dahl uses about the Cloud Men.

  • Draw a detailed character sketch of a Cloud Man, showing him doing his job in the clouds.



Chapter 29 & 30 task:

Imagine you are James or one of the creatures. Use your senses to think about what it would have felt like to be struck with that much water. Write a short recount as if you were one of the characters explaining what happened.

  • Did it hurt?
  • What did it feel like?
  • What could they hear?
  • How did it affect their breathing?
  • What could they see?