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Chapter 11 & 12 Activities: 


Choose one of the magic ‘creatures’ described in Chapter 11. 


There was an Old-Green-Grasshopper as large as a large dog. 


There was an enormous spider. 


There was a giant Ladybird with nine black spots on her scarlet shell.


There was something thick and white that looked as though it might be a silkworm. 


The centipede has forty- two legs. 


Draw a character sketch and label with evidence from the text, describing their appearance and personality. Use what you find out about your ‘creature’ to make a prediction about something they might do later on in the story for example, the centipede is bossy and a bit of a rascal, so I think he might play a trick on another character.



Chapter 13 & 14 Activities: 

At the end of chapter 14 the centipede sang a song about what they might see along the way travelling in the peach. We would like you to write a song about what you might see if were in the giant peach. 

  • Where are you going to be? By your house? In a magical land? 

  • What will you pass along the way? 

  • What are the colours you see? 

  • What can you smell? 


A line from your song could be: Rolling down on my street in the juiciest peach in town. 



Chapter 15 & 16 Activities: 

We would like you to draw a detailed map showing the journey that the giant peach took. –

  • Where did it go? 

  • What did it encounter on the way? 

  • Remember to include it’s encounter with Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker on the way through the garden. 


Label your map using evidence from the text for example; straight through the chocolate factory!


You can use the example below: 


Chapter 17 & 18 Activities: 

In the giant peach all the creatures and James were crashing into each other. Can you create a special chair for one of the creatures so that they would have somewhere safe to sit on? 

  • Think about the body of the creature you choose. For example, if it is the centipede it will have to be quite a long chair for him to be comfortable.

  • Make sure that there are safety precautions in place to secure their body. Such as a seatbelt. 

  • You might want to have somewhere they can store their snacks. 



Chapter 19 & 20 Activities: 

James comes up with a brilliant plan to ‘lift this peach clear out of the water’ in Chapter 20. He does this by harnessing thousands of seagulls with silk thread. Imagine you are James, and this time there are no seagulls in the sky. Can you come up with your own fantastic scheme to save the peach from the sharks? Be as creative as possible and think about the skills of each of the ‘creatures’ on the peach.

  • Think of the different possibilities. You could cover the peach with something. 


We would like you to write the steps you will take in order to protect the peach from the sharks.