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We'll update regularly with new poets and new poetry ideas. 

Mr Irwin's Abecedarius Poem

Abecedarius Poem

Mr Irwin has a go! 😬

Special Guest poetry reading!

Special guest!

Abecedarius Poem

Watch Joseph Coelho as he writes an abecedarius poem. This is where each line starts with the letters of the alphabet in order. It's a fun challenge and we'd love to see and hear your poems!

Zakiya Mckenzie

Zakiya Mckenzie lives in Bristol. Her job over the past year has been as a 'Writer in Residence' for  Forestry England who look after lots of forests across England. Zakiya has been exploring the forests and writing about all the things she sees and hears. What a great job! Mrs Walker is very jealous!!

This poem that Zakiya wrote is called The Arborists. 'Arbor' is latin for tree and Arborists help look after the trees. Zakiya was inspired by the forestry workers who are tree climbers (another awesome job; imagine getting paid to climb trees!!)- they climb the trees to look after them and make sure they are healthy and safe. She uses two words in each line to describe the trees and the people.

Poetry ideas - Why don't you look carefully at a tree (or a picture of a tree if you can't get to one at the moment) and see if you can come up with some lines for a poem in a similar style.

We would love to see your poems - please send them into us or you could record yourself performing them and send us a video!


Simon Mole is a London-based poet who has a great Youtube channel with poems, raps and games for kids. Listen to this one that Simon made with some Year 5 children. Maybe you could try to draw a picture of all the cool and crazy animals that feature in the football game! 



Matt Goodfellow is a poet and primary school teacher from Manchester. He has started some poetry workshops on his Youtube channel - why not have a look and have a go at some of your own?! Check out Mrs Walker's current favourite poem 'A special badger'.