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Phonics and keywords

Week beginning Monday 1st June

Have a go at recapping all the Phase 2 sounds this week. 

In school we have a card for each sound and we go through them one at a time. If your child can't remember the sound then tell them and ask them to repeat it back to you. You could make a note of the ones they struggle with and add more of these into your pile so they get to practise them more often.  It's best not to have more than 5 unknown ones, as children can switch off if they think it's too hard, so take some cards out if this is the case. 

Once children have had a go at recapping the sounds, have a go at reading words with these sounds in. If there are some sounds your child is struggling with, make sure the words only have 1 unknown sound in each. Example of words: cat, dog, sun, pin, mat, sock, frog, bat, hat, mug, red, huff and puff, kiss, black, jump, kick, sip.

You could:

*Write a 3/4 letter word for children to read then have to draw a picture of that item.

*Play pairs with cards that have some Phase 2 words on. You could match 2 of the same word, or match a word and a picture. 


*Play I spy, focusing on words that start with a Phase 2 sound. 

*If your child would like to you could have a go at putting some of these words into sentences. Can you write a silly sentence using some of your keywords too?


Printable resources
Online resources and games
  • There are some great games on this website for recapping known sounds and it is free to access using the username and password below.  

        Username: march20

        password: home

        We have learnt Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds, so choose one of those options. 

Another website is, and they have lots of phonics games under the 'English games' section. The games help children practise reading words with specific sounds in include: Forest Phonics; Viking full circle; Bingo; Phonics Pop; Foam Phonemes.  

If the game gives you a chose of level, choose either 'Phase 2' or 'Phase 3' sounds, as we have learnt these at school. 

  • As part of our school subscription, you have access to, which has a selection of printable resources and demonstration videos for each letter of the alphabet, as well as some phonics and keywords games. 


Log onto the website or click on the link below. On their home screen you need to select the top right button to say whether you are using a tablet or desktop computer. The username is vic and the password for tablets is a capital L shape starting at the top left. The password for desktops is tor. Once on the website select 'free play'. The options are on the left hand side. The sections labelled Phonics and Fun have games your child might enjoy. Under the Phonics tab there are flashcards which children might enjoy using. Select phase 2 or phase 3 if having a go with these. Under the Fun tab there are a range of games your child might like, including pairs and a word search.   

Sound mats and keyword cards

Here are the sound mats we use in school

Here are the keywords

If you would like to print off a blank template for the keyword animals and vehicles then please click on one of the below links.