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Phonics and keywords

Did you know?! Phonics teaching is split into phases, which are spread across Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Each year group has to cover a different number of phases so that when children enter Year 3 they are confident in using phonics and reading/spelling keywords. 

Phase 1 - Taught in Nursery, and involves linking sounds with objects/things. Such as which animal says moo, identifying which instrument makes a certain sound without seeing it. We carry on Phase 1 throughout Reception so children get regular practise of this.

Phase 2 - Taught in Reception. Learning these sounds, reading and words with these sounds in, and the first few sets of keywords. 

Phase 3 - Taught in Reception. Learning these sounds, reading and words with these sounds in, and the next sets of keywords.

Phase 4 - Taught in Reception. There are no new sounds to learn in this phase. We practise reading and spelling longer words with the sounds we already know. This is a great phase for going over any sounds children are unsure of.

Phase 5 - Taught throughout Year 1. Children learn alternative spellings for the sounds they already know. For example, in Reception we learn ee as the only way of writing that sound. In Year 1 they will learn ea (beach), y (baby), ey (key), etc. 

Phase 6 - Taught throughout Year 2. Children learn spelling rules, such as what to do when adding ing or ed to the end of a word (hop --> hopping, hopped). 



Online resources and games
  • There are some great games on this website for recapping known sounds and it is free to access using the username and password below.  

        Username: march20

        password: home

        We have learnt Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds, so choose one of those options. 

Another website is, and they have lots of phonics games under the 'English games' section. The games help children practise reading words with specific sounds in include: Forest Phonics; Viking full circle; Bingo; Phonics Pop; Foam Phonemes.  

If the game gives you a chose of level, choose either 'Phase 2' or 'Phase 3' sounds, as we have learnt these at school. 

  • As part of our school subscription, you have access to, which has a selection of printable resources and demonstration videos for each letter of the alphabet, as well as some phonics and keywords games. 


Log onto the website or click on the link below. On their home screen you need to select the top right button to say whether you are using a tablet or desktop computer. The username is vic and the password for tablets is a capital L shape starting at the top left. The password for desktops is tor. Once on the website select 'free play'. The options are on the left hand side. The sections labelled Phonics and Fun have games your child might enjoy. Under the Phonics tab there are flashcards which children might enjoy using. Select phase 2 or phase 3 if having a go with these. Under the Fun tab there are a range of games your child might like, including pairs and a word search.   

Learning Keywords


**Free app to download to help with learning keywords**


Here is a link to an app which has been created by a parent in Chestnut Class.

It helps children to learn the keywords we teach. It is free to download and can be used on an ipad or iphone.


Sound mats and keyword cards

Here are the sound mats we use in school

Here are the keywords

If you would like to print off a blank template for the keyword animals and vehicles then please click on one of the below links.