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PE challenges

Term 3 Week 6

Follow along for the fourth week of HIIT sessions with Mr Kellow.

Term 3 Week 5

Follow along for the third week of HIIT sessions with Mr Kellow

HIIT Session 3.MP4

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Term 3 Week 4

Term 3 Week 3

Follow along with Mr Kellow and two students for a HIIT session. Make sure you have a water bottle on you. 

HIIT session 1

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Throwback Tuesday

While Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow are busy in their year group bubbles, we thought you'd like to revisit some PE challenges from the summer.


Click on the links and join in. Please let us know how you get on at or tweet us @VPPBristol



1) Football challenge  by Mr Kellow


2) Balance challenge by Mrs Casling

Fitness log and circuits


Team PE have attached a fitness log for you to keep a record of how you are keeping fit and active this term. Keeping a record will help you stay motivated.


Are you looking for some ideas for circuits, fitness challenges or challenges to do within your family or support bubble?


Have you created your own circuits or exercise? Or perhaps you have got an app or smart device to record your activities?


We would love to hear how you have been keeping active. So please share with us via our email address at

At school we use this website for short burst activities within the classroom and so, they are perfect for keeping you active at home too. That's the whole family - so get everyone involved.


To access the VPPS Home learning page;


Click on the link which will take you to the website.

Click on the orange home login button

Enter Class ID 35610

Password call

And then enjoy the range of short burst activities for all the family. Get everyone involved - stay active, try something new and have fun.



Signature Sports Home Challenge

Challenge 1

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Ben and his team at Signature Sports have started to create some home learning challenges which are suitable for all ages. Click on the video and enjoy.
Please do let us know how you get on at or tweet us @vppbristol

Term 3 Week 1


Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow are currently working on a range of new PE challenges to keep you active and motivated during this term. Watch this space.


While you're waiting, please look back at the videos, links and activities, including the celebration video from #lockdown1. Why not try a challenge or two.


Please email us at with any photos, videos or messages telling us how you're currently keeping active.


Tweet us at @VPPBristol #homepe2021 


We look forward to hearing from you.

Term 6 Week 7

(13.07.20 - 17.07.20)


This week, we will celebrate the brilliant sporting activities that have taken place this year!

Firstly, we hope you enjoy watching the 'Celebration of Sport at VPPS' video below, which Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow created.


Click here for the 'Celebration of Sport at VPPS' video

Ashton Park Sports Partnership Awards


Every year Ashton Park Sports Partnership holds an awards evening where they celebrate sporting achievements from the previous year. This year, they have done it differently and these are the children and teams from Victoria Park who have been nominated and will receive a certificate.



We would like to nominate 2 children;


Callum has played a huge role in supporting children as a Games Maker. He is mature, kind and generous and always turns up, blue vested and eager to help. He has successfully refereed the lunchtime football sessions – and we all know what a thankless task refereeing can be!


Jess is kind hearted, resilient and so thoughtful and has been a main helper at lunchtime as a Games Maker with a particular skill of engaging young children. Jess has also been a key player as a sports leader, taking her role seriously, always being ready to help and offering sensible suggestions of how we can encourage others to participate in whole school sports.



Bailey is an ex pupil who comes to help us with our larger sporting events. He is an asset to the PE Team and is always a willing helper, contributes to organising events and uses his own initiative when needed. In the house cross country, Bailey not only runs most races as the hare, he also encourages the children at the end of the race. I’d love to know how many miles he ran this year!!


TEAM OF THE YEAR - Achievement

We have nominated the Kwiksticks Team A. This team was made up of 2 experienced players, Fatima and Ashton but also three players who are new to the sport, Sonny, Seb and Priyanka. They showed great determination, team work and co-operation to battle their way, undefeated, through to the finals where they played until the whistle but lost to a better team. They earned a place in the Level 3 games. The real success of this team is that they didn’t know how good they were and just enjoyed the day!



We have nominated Kwiksticks Team B – this team was made up of 5 children who haven’t represented the school in any other sporting events – Toag, Cohen, Ella, Lily and Minaal. They quickly bonded and showed co-operation, respect and determination throughout, despite losing most of their games. But, most of all, they showed kindness to each other so that no one was disheartened. They all said they had fun and wanted to do to again. Isn’t this what it’s all about?



Mrs Casling – Mr Kellow nominated Mrs Casling for continuing the school sport and PE single handed when he was off with a broken foot.



Archie – what can we say about Archie and his incredibly supportive family?  This year Archie has successfully represented the school in basketball, football and sportshall athletics and would have taken part in every event if we had allowed. He is passionate about sport but also encouraging of others, determined in his desire to do his best and is generally a great person to have on the team. Archie also took part in many of the PE challenges whilst learning from home and took the time to send his achievements to school for the PE Team to see. Archie and his family will be greatly missed by the school but we know that we will continue to hear about Archie’s sporting achievements in the future.



One of our favourite events is the primary schools cross country as we try to take a large group of children and always have lots of enthusiastic parental support, plus you never know what’s going to happen. Our champagne moment was Ludo winning his age group. He is athletic but it takes determination, resilience and a real growth mindset to win an endurance race…and sprint to finish. We don’t think he, or his parents, realised quite how fast or determined he was!



We have chosen children who showed determination and effort completing either the PE challenges or showing how they have kept themselves active during lockdown and a tricky time.


Oli and Freddie created and completed their own ‘lockdown’ PE lesson at home filled with burpees, squats, push- up and stretching. They were inspired by Joe Wickes but put their own spin on it and included their mum. They also included the ever popular bunny hop, which we will include in the curriculum next year, and a chicken dance. A fully rounded PE lesson.


Sabrina and Sofiane showed true school values in their determination and growth mindset when trying to complete the kick and catch challenge set by Mr Kellow.


Ellen and Eve tried nearly every PE challenge both completing Mr Kellow’s step challenge and Mrs Casling’s plank challenge and showing the school value of honesty when submitting their results.


SPORT FOR ALL AWARD – nomination from Victoria Park Primary School

Mr Bailey would like to nominate Paula Casling and George Kellow for their tireless efforts in ensuring every pupil was active and participating in PE both before and after lockdown.  They organised and provided CPD and partnership working to ensure our SEND pupils were fully involved in PE lessons in school.  After lockdown, their PE challenge videos were aimed at all pupils, with a belief that, while we appreciate everything Joe Wicks stands for, our children needed to see their own PE teachers to inspire them to take part in PE from home.

Celebration of Sport at VPPS


Every term we try to give Sporting Star Awards to children who have shown the school values in their sporting activities. This could be; determination to succeed by practising, resilience and a growth mindset by never giving up, honesty when competing, gratitude and kindness to others in their team, sports coaches, parents and cooperation with other members of a team or class.


In Term 1 & 2 the following children achieved sports awards;

X country - David (resilience)

Tag rugby - Malick (growth mindset)

Swimming- Winnie (determination)


Term 2

Eve & Samuel - Sportshall (gratitude)

Beya - Basketball & Sportshall (cooperation & determination)

Callum - Basketball (kindness)


We would now like to give out awards to the following children;


Barley - dodgeball for showing resilience and honesty. We would also like to commend Barley for his continual kindness and help as a Games Maker. The playteam and PE team are really proud of you.


Thomas - showed great cooperation and kindness within his year group football team event. He never gave up and inspired others to try their best. Thomas has continued to develop his football skills during lockdown #vphomepe


Shya - She has not only shown her amazing football skills by playing in both her year group football team and the girls football team but she has shown cooperation by having to quickly adapt and develop within her roles. 


Oscar - showing kindness and gratitude to his team and coach during his year group football tournament. Plus continuing his sporting achievements in lockdown #vphomepe with a rainbow flick and Challenge 26 hockey skills.


Jackson - A huge thank you from the play team and PE team for helping the younger children to stay active during their lunch break in his role as a Games Maker.


New this year - Our Sporting Stars Always Awards go to...


Fatima, with the most amazing hand -eye coordination and Archie who shines in many sports. They both always give 100% in both PE lessons and Sporting events. Thank you and well done.


We would love to give these awards to every child who has tried their best, overcome adversity or has just made us smile in PE lessons or when representing the school.  We can think of many, many examples - you know who you are - well done and thank you.


A special thank you to our sports council and our Games Makers. We couldn’t do it without your help at lunchtime and sporting events.


Finally, thank you to our lovely Year 6s, the PE Team are grateful to have been part of your sporting journey at VPPS and wish you all the best for the future.


(Certificates will be held at school for September if we haven’t been able to give them to you)

Finally, you can finish off this year of sport by watching Mrs Casling's bloopers in the video below! 

Mrs Casling Bloopers.MP4

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PE Challenges - Term 6 Week 6 (6th July)

We hope you are continuing to stay active at home and have some fun, despite the change in weather.


In the penultimate week at school, whilst Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow are at school, we thought you might like to revisit some of the original challenges.  


1) Football challenge  by Mr Kellow


2) Balance challenge by Mrs Casling


3) On Tuesday 7th July, after all 5 weeks of challenges, Wesport will be holding a celebration of their Virtual Summer School Games where the best videos and pictures of people demonstrating the school game values will be shared and the most active school will be announced! Check out their website or Twitter feed for the results @wesportap 


4) We are continuing to enjoy the range of short burst activities in class with We hope you've had some fun with the dance, yoga and body blast activities. Here are a few more to try at home or school 

Grab a chair and join in with the funky Pilates moves on the video. Click on the link to join in and have some fun. This is suitable for ages 4 - 11. Please make sure the chair is secure before starting.


5) Missing going out into the mountains on your bike or too scared to try? This Mountain Bike activity has proved to be very popular with the children at school. And now you can try it at home as well. Its suitable for all ages and you don't need to be able to ride a bike to join in. 

This is Mr Kellow and Mrs Casling's favourite 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️



Here's a link to the first set of challenges from the coaches at the Robins Foundation for the children to have a go at. There are 3 challenges  to choose from or try all 3?


7) Although we want to encourage children to be outside and as active as possible, we do know that they will spend some time on their screens. So please click on the link  to find more information about 'active gaming.' There is a whole range of video games designed to get your child, and you, moving, often with a fair amount of jumping and dancing while they play. Best of all, this can be indoors and outdoors.


Please continue to tweet @vppbristol or email us at with any of the creative, silly or inventive ways you've been staying active at home or school. Mostly, we hope you're all staying safe and having fun. 

Next week- End of term celebration and awards 🥇🥈🥉🏆

or follow their twitter feeds on @wesportap


2).  We are enjoying using imoves sessions in school for short burst exercises. Here are some ideas for you to complete at home. This is a short guided yoga session for you to join. It's aimed at KS1 but anyone can try it.


The following link is the last dance challenge and the theme is Bollywood. Perfect for remembering the fun times we had filming  and watching 'Bollywomble'.   Don't forget that you can get a certificate if you upload your video and there are prizes to win too. Click on the link below to open it!


3).  Next is a quick 10 minute interactive disco dance for you to follow.  It's aimed at getting children active but adults can join in too. Mrs Casling particularly likes this one!!


4).  Bristol City - Please find the link to the latest video from our Premier League Primary Stars Stay Active Challenge series, courtesy of our friends at the Robin's Foundation:  

Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge (Episode 17)

How many different ways can you get the football off of the ground and into your hands? 🙌

Please feel free to tweet them @RobinsFound


5).  Bristol Rovers - It only seems fair to include some PE tips from Bristol Rovers as we've been including challenges from Bristol City via Robin's Foundation. Here's how some of the Rovers team have been keeping fit during lockdown.


As usual please tweet or email us with any of your sporting activities. Stay active and hope you're all having fun.

Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow.


Mr Kellow’s PE Challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Casling’s PE Challenge:

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PE challenges - Term 6 Week 4 (WC 22nd June)

This week there are lots of different PE challenges for you to try at home and school. We've got KS1 catching skills from Mrs C and helpers,  a gymnastics competition for all year groups from our friends at Ashton Park Schools Sports Partnerships, a mini tennis skills challenge from Wesport, 10 minute body blast and two more dance challenges from plus another challenge from Robin's Foundation.

Check out the links and send us your photos or videos to or tweet us @VPPBristol #vphomepe 


1) Here is an exciting new gymnastics challenge from Cherry and Debbie at Ashton Park Schools Sports Partnership. There are 5 levels to choose from or make up your own routine. Send your videos to and we'll email you your certificate.  

Click on the link for more details.



2) The WESPORT virtual games challenges are underway and many children have already taken part in the speed bounce, netball and gymnastics challenge. This week it's all about tennis. Join in at home and at school. link to info is  or follow their twitter feeds on @wesportap

You can still complete any of the past challenges and submit your results to Wesport or to the PE Team.


3) We've added a tennis word search for a bit of relaxation and fun. Or for adults

Click here to access the word search.



A quick 10 minute blast of exercise to get you moving and it makes a great break from learning. 

Body blast for 4-7 year olds. 

Body blast for 7-11 year olds.

Or join in the latest dance challenges.  

The first is a Hip Hop dance

The second is all about disco disco disco fever

Click on the links to find out how you can join in. Maybe your whole house can create some dance moves. Prizes to be won via


5) Please find attached the link to the latest edition of our Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge series courtesy of our friends at the Robin's Foundation. Please tweet your photos or videos to @RobinsFound 



As always, please email us at or tweet us @ VPPBristol #vphomepe with any of your sporting and staying active photos or videos. 


We are so impressed with how active you've been - in so many unusual and creative ways. 

Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow

Stay safe and stay active 

Term 6 Week 3

Thank you to and Youth Sports Trust for our PE challenges this week.

1. This personal PE challenge is great to do at home. The Dice Challenge 🎲 will not only help your children with multiplication skills , but it also keeps them active too! You could even invent your own challenges. And make your own dice or spinner if you don't have one.

2. Are you ready to party and dance the Samba? You may remember when VPPS did a beautiful and colourful samba parade in the local park. Create your own samba dance, film it, tweet it or send it to us. You can use the music and resources from imoves via this link:

3. Calming pilates 

This popular Pilates activity is great for calming the mind and helps children to focus and concentrate. It's so easy to deliver too - all children need is a chair! (Please make sure the chair is secure). Follow the link to start your relaxation:

4.  The WESPORT virtual games challenges are well underway and many children have already taken part in the first 2 challenges. This week is all about gymnastics. Join in at home and at school.  Link to info is: 

or follow their twitter feeds on @wesportap

5. You can also look back at all the PE challenges posted in the last two terms. You can revisit a challenge to see if you can improve your score, or try a different challenge. 


Don't forget to tweet us or email us at with your photos, videos or your sports reports. We love hearing from you. #vphomepe

Term 6 Week 2:

New term = new challenge. Read on for details from Wesport our local school games organisers. 

Wesport state:- 

In collaboration with your local School Games Organisers, Ashton Park Sports Partnerships, and Rachel Bown, YST Inclusion Lead we are excited to announce our Virtual Summer School Games launching 1st June!

 For 5 weeks leading up to our original planned Summer Multi-event on the 7th July we will be launching simple weekly challenges, inclusive for all to take part in. 

The 60 second challenges will be linked to 5 sports: Athletics, Netball, Gymnastics, Tennis and Cricket with local sporting athletes and young leaders demonstrating videos and explaining the rules.  Each challenge will be accompanied with a challenge card for download.

 ·We have designed the Virtual Games so children can take part at home or at school, with little or no equipment needed (i.e socks instead of a tennis ball).

·We are focussing on personal best and the school game values which will be celebrated on 7th July by sharing entries and videos/ pictures.

·Videos/ pictures are not a necessity for entry- we are pushing the honesty value for those who choose to just submit a score.

·We will also be awarding a prize to the most active school!  For every child that takes part (whether at home/ at school) your school will be awarded a point.

·This will also be announced as part of our online celebration day on the 7th July.

·Personal Best certificates will be downloadable from our website each week.

Entry is simple.  All details can be found on our webpage here.

Parents  will be asked to enter the child’s score by completing our google form and any videos or pictures of challenges can be sent to

Please follow us if you don’t already do so on @WesportAP across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and use #WesportVirtualGames and @YourSchoolGames for any posts you make


So, Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow would like you to click on the webpage link above and start leaping and uploading to represent our school. Keep sending us tweets or emails to 

Watch this space for more challenges this term. Keep safe and keep active. 

Here is a document containing a host of links for you to try...

Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge (Episode 14)

Practice the accuracy of your passing with Sam in this episode of our 'Stay Active Challenge' series.

Bristol Robins Stay Active Challenges

You can see all of the Stay Active Challenges from Bristol Robins on their YouTube Channel, which you can get to by clicking here:

Here is a primary stars activity sheet for you too...


PE Challenges!

Mrs Casling and Mr Kellow would love to hear about how you're doing with your PE and exercise at home.  You could use twitter or send an email to


Thank you to everyone who has tweeted or emailed us with sporting videos, photos or results. We love receiving them - keep them coming.