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Open Ended Project

Open Ended Project

Each week, we will suggest an Open Ended Project for you to do. We will suggest a question for you to explore. You can do your project in a day, or stretch it out over the whole week. We’d also love to see how creative you all are. Consider how you can present your project - you could do whatever you like! Below are some ideas to inspire you.


This week’s ‘Open Ended Project’ question:

What makes Bristol interesting?

Bristol is a city full of history and amazing stories. This week we would like you to do answer the question 'What makes Bristol interesting?'

There are many areas you could explore:
Famous people from Bristol
Famous buildings
Medieval Bristol
Place names and street names
Maps of Bristol from then and now
The geography of Bristol - its landscape and features.

You could start your search here, here and investigate maps of old and new Bristol here.