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This week we have combined music and art for a relaxing afternoon activity. Follow the website link to take you to a song called 'The Tree in the Wood'. Listen to the song, read the lyrics and have a go at singing along with it. Finally have a go at one of the task below.


1. Look up artist Piet Mondrian renowned for his abstract paintings of trees. Have a go at reproducing your own versions with charcoal, pencils, ink and paint.


2. Take photographs for future reference, which could be labelled, painted and collaged at a later date. As a macro photography challenge take a series of close up photos of different bark patterns.


3. Make tree bark rubbings. You could use these in a collage later. Note that outer bark protects the tree from extreme temperatures, bad weather, insects and fungi. How many can you see that have thin bark such as birch trees, compared to those with thicker outer bark such as Douglas fir.