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Please read for at least 30 minutes each day - see the separate reading folder for ideas to help you improve your reading skills.


For the first part of this week we are focusing on addition and subtraction to revise our column methods and look at efficient ways to add and subtract numbers.

Monday – Column addition

Watch this video and then have a go at the challenges. If you get stuck, watch the video again, ask an adult or you can email your teacher.

Challenge 1 - good for practising if you're not too confident

Challenge 2 - Confident and would like to practise

Challenge 3 - Super confident

We're aware lots of you won't have a printer to print off the sheets - don't worry, you can choose a few of the questions online and jot them down.

Literacy - The Tin Forest

If you have completed all the tasks from last week (they are now all in the 'Extra Literacy' folder) we will put another one up each day to keep your Literacy skills ticking over!

Week 2 Task 1

Look at the picture of the page below.

  1. Write down at least 3 things you can see in the picture. “I can see…” Add as much description as you can about each thing.
  2. Write down one thing the picture makes you think. Start your sentence with “I think…"
  3. Write down one statement starting “I wonder…" What questions does the picture make you think of?
  4. Look carefully for clues in the image which tell us, the reader, about the character and write them down or draw them and describe what you see. Look at the light and shade in the picture too – how does this add to the text?


You will have a new set of spellings to learn each week - check the Spelling Bee folder for the lists and ideas to help you practise.