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Today you will listen to the first and second part of chapter 10 but there is an activity in between!

First half of chapter 10:


Today we are going to be creating a graph of emotion to summarise the story so far, showing the emotional journey of Oliver. You will need to map the memorable events in the story so far, this could include:

  • The Crisps’ return to Deepwater Bay,
  • Meeting Iris and Mr Culpeper
  • The discovery of the Rambling Isles,
  • The disappearance on the Thurlstone of Mr and Mrs Crisp,
  • Losing the Water Mole to the Thurlstone,
  • The night of the Seawigs


Did anything else important happen that you can think of to include on your graph?


You plot the memorable events along the x axis (the horizontal line along the bottom), and on the y axis (the vertical line going up) will be the sliding scale of emotions. See below for an example if you get a bit stuck, although our graph is not finished! The emotions we have labelled on our graph are ‘elated’ and ‘despairing’. Elated means when someone is extremely happy and despairing is when you feel hopeless. You do not have to label your graph with the same emotions but at the highest point on the y axis you need an emotion that reflects being happy, and at the bottom an emotion reflects feeling sad. When you are plotting how you think Oliver felt at different points in the story you could draw Oliver.


Challenge: Plot on the graph how other characters felt throughout the story for example, you could plot how Iris felt throughout.


Once you have completed this task, watch the video to hear the other half of chapter 10.



This week, you have three options. 

1. Follow the bitesize maths. Please note that you have to scroll down quite a long way to get to the worksheets. Ask your parents to help you decide which parts you need to do. Click this link:


2. Follow the White Rose maths. You can watch the video and do the worksheets.


3. Something we would be practising in school would be the grid method for multiplication! Here is a video you can watch. Click the picture to get there! Only watch to 2minutes 13 seconds!

Here are the questions