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Monday 1st June

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Look carefully at this beautiful picture. Each day this week, we'll be using this picture to help us with some different challenges and skills. 


Today's task: QUESTIONS


Write 5 questions that you have about this picture. Think about what you would like to know about it. What does it make you want to find out? 


Challenge 1: Can you think of 10 questions?

Challenge 2: Can you write some of your questions from one of the character's points of view?



As Mr Bliss has already mentioned, we are going to be using White Rose to help us with our maths this week. They have created a special Home Learning pack which aims to prepare Year 2 children for the move to Year 3 by covering and revising important areas of the maths curriculum. 


Each day, there will be a video to watch which talks you through the learning for the day and then a worksheet with maths questions related to the video. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want further clarification on how the resources work or anything related to them!


This week, we will start with a short fractions revision, before moving on to measure. Today's learning looks particularly at finding three quarters. 


Find Three Quarters

Geography George's Daily Challenge! 

Learn the flags of 5 or even 10 different countries today! You can decide which countries you'd like to learn. Maybe you have some countries which are special to you.