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Welcome Back to Term 6 - Some information about this week's maths

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Mr. Bailey’s Assembly
Don’t forget to watch Mr. Bailey’s weekly assembly today!


LO: To practise times tables and use problem solving skills

Optional Maths
This week we are continuing our TT Rockstars competition between the two Year 6 classes.  Last term, Juniper won the final battle...

Who will be the champions this week?

Today we want you to spend around 20 minutes on TT Rockstars
We would like you to spend a little bit of time each day (but not all day!) on TT Rockstars. If you don’t have your username or password please email us.


LO: To use active reading skills
This week we will be looking at extracts from The Book of Hopes to inspire

poetry writing at the end of the week.


This week we are going to be reading poems from The Book of Hopes - an online book full of stories and poems. We will use our active reading skills in a range of tasks.


Geography (Enquiry)
LO: To develop and improve map reading skills
This week we are going to develop our geography and map skills.


Staying Positive Task
Hello! We welcome you back to Term 6 - why not learn how to say hello in 15 other languages? You could create a poster and teach the people you live with some of the different ways well!