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This week there are still 2 options.


1. Continue working on the Bitesize work here:


2. This week, we are going to take a look at fractions. We will mostly follow White Rose for this but there will also be a daily open-ended challenge for those people who need something extra.

Today's introduction to fractions is below.

Extra Challenge

Using the image above, how many different ways can you find of writing 1/2?


From the picture, what equivalent fractions for 1/3 can you find?


Again, using the image of the fraction wall, how else could you write 3/4?


What other fractions do you know that are the same as 1/2?


Find some other fractions which are equivalent to 3/4.


Can you find any "rules" for working out equivalent fractions?


This week, you will be using a piece of writing from the Book of Hopes to base your literacy work on.

The book can be found here and is easily readable on any device:


Below is a video of Polly reading the piece, Stronger Than Magic by Cerrie Burnell which can be found on page 173 of the book.

Stronger Than Magic by Cerrie Burnell

From The Book of Hopes


Today, we are going to think about hopes. For lots of people across the world, their hopes have changed recently as their lives have changed.

Talk to the people in your household and anyone else you are in contact with. What are their hopes? Have they changed recently?

Can you come up with a list of your own hopes? Write down at least five hopes (ten is the challenge!) that you have at the moment. Please write them in full sentences. Here are some examples: 


  • I hope that Polly will be able to see her grandparents soon.
  • I hope that less people will get sick from Covid-19
  • I hope that the people who make decisions about lockdown rules make sure that people are safe before anything else.
  • I hope the weather is nice this summer.
  • I hope that we get back to school happy and well when it is safe to do so.