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Today you are going to be writing a letter to an elderly person in a care home. We thought that this would be an excellent act of kindness because a lot of people in care homes will be lonely at the moment, because they are keeping safe and are not allowed any visitors. In your letter you could write about what you have been doing at home with your families, your pets or what you are looking forward to doing once things start to go back to normal. If Miss Godfroy was writing a letter, she would tell them about the cakes she has been baking, the books she has been reading and the different birds that have been in her garden! If Miss Ahmed was writing a letter, she would tell them all about the different plants she has found on her walks in the sunshine and the delicious food she has been making at home. What could you tell them about? After you have written your letter, you could add some colourful drawings of what you have spoken about, we are sure they would love to see them!


It's a good idea to note down some ideas before you start writing. You will need to use very neat handwriting so that someone can read it.


Follow this link: and follow the instructions to help get you started!


But remember, when you sign your letter make sure you do not write your full name, you only need to write your first name and the name of our school.


This week, there is a bit of a change again.


Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped providing maths sheets for free so this week you have two options for maths practice. We have used some of the White Rose ideas to make the activities. If you manage to do both then great! The 2 options are linked this week.


1. Continue following the daily lessons on Bitesize


2. Follow the lessons below.