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Friday 22nd May


I can't believe we've now done a whole term of home learning from start to finish! In this strange time, we probably all have good days and bad days and sometimes days that feel like all the other ones where we just get a bit bored and frustrated! 


To try and make sure each day feels different, I'm going on a different walk, doing different exercise or having something different for breakfast! It's a small way of making sure that I don't get bored doing the same things all the time. 


Now that it's half term, we're giving you some different challenges to have a go at instead of the normal maths and literacy we've been doing each day. How are you keeping your days varied and exciting? 


Have a good week!


Mr B


Thursday 23rd April


One of the things I've been missing the most is playing music with my friends and doing music at school. We had a very small singing assembly today at school but I'm looking forward to singing together as a whole school again. Playing music during this funny time has been a challenge but my friends and me managed to make this video from our own houses in the Easter holiday. What have you been missing the most and how have you been making sure you get to keep doing the things you love the most? 


Mr Bliss



Wasabi // Get Busy (lockdown special)

We might all be locked down, but you can't hold back the funk! Here's our arrangement of Sean Paul's 'Get Busy', live from our living rooms across Bristol 🎺🎺...

Monday 20th April


Welcome back to school Year 2! I hope you had a lovely Easter and have enjoyed the sunshine. 


Now that we've been at home a while, I've started to do lots of the same things over and over again. Most days, I take my daughter Isla for a walk around where we live and I started to get a little bit bored of always going to the same places. 


I decided to set myself the challenge of noticing one brand new thing every day that I hadn't spotted before. See if you can do the same challenge in your house or when you're outside for your exercise. 


Have a great Monday. 


Mr Bliss

Thursday 2nd April:


Hi Year 2! 


You may have noticed that we've updated our page a bit to try and make it a bit tidier and easier for you to find things on there! You will have also noticed our new home learning gallery with some of your photos. We haven't included them all yet but we will be adding more and more over time so thank you for keeping us updated. 


Every now and then, Mrs Vaughan or I might pop a message or update in this 'blog' section. All I want to say is a huge well done to everybody so far. We're so proud of all the amazing learning you're doing from home and that we miss you lots. Don't forget to say a big thank you to your grown ups who are working so hard to help you with their learning as well! Why not learn how to make their breakfast or a nice cup of tea or coffee for them? 


Speak soon!


Mr Bliss