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Mental Health

You are doing such a great job in such uncertain times.  Here are a few do's and don'ts to help:


If you don't do everything, don't feel guilty. 

Don't compare yourself or your children to Mr and Mrs So and So down the road and their children.  All families are different and our range of circumstances are very different.

Do spend time doing something you enjoy together.

Do praise your child if they have a go at something, even if they get some things wrong, it's good they are trying.

Do look after your own mental health.  It is a bit like when you are on a plane and during the safety talk you are told to put the oxygen mask on your own face first,  whereas our instinct is to put it over our child's face first.  The message here is that it is important as parents to look after yourselves at this time so you have the capacity to look after your children.