Welcome to our school website - please come in and take a look around. Do you know our six school values? They are co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness.

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Victoria Park Primary School

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Meet the staff

The Early Years Team

(from left to right) Miss Rogers, Miss Phillips, Mrs McElwee, Ms Coles, Miss Zaynab, Miss Low


The Year 1 Team

(from left to right) Ms Buckland, Mrs Bayford, Mrs Halford, Ms Nottage, Mrs Booth, Mrs Walker, Miss Wright


The Year 2 Team

(left to right) Mrs Olejnik, Mr Bliss, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Vaughan


The Year 3 Team

(left to right) Mrs Dunn, Mrs Williams, Miss Datta, Mr Irwin


The Year 4 Team

(left to right) Mrs Wielowska, Mr Mepsted, Miss Bunnett, Mrs Casling


The Year 5 Team

(left to right) Miss Bailey, Mr Kellow, Miss Hibberd, Ms Parry, Mr Rylander


The Year 6 Team

(back row) Ms Longhurst, Mr Jones, Mrs Stirzaker

(front row) Miss Baron, Mrs Shuker, Miss Jefferies


The Pastoral Team

(left to right) Mrs Casey, Mrs Jones, Poppy, Mr Brice, Mr Gunner


The Operations Team

(left to right) Ms Carpenter, Mrs Fletcher, Mr Garton, Mrs Heath, Mrs Brown


The Play Team

(left to right) Ms Pearce, Mr Shaw, Ms Grant, Ms Gill, Mrs Hawksbee, Ms Burn, Mrs Charles, Mrs Casey, Mrs Abdali, Miss Mohamed, Mrs Boyd-Stevenson, Miss Jackson, Ms Kidd, Miss Holliday


The Breakfast Club Team

(left to right) Mrs Abdali, Mrs Garton, Mrs Charles, Miss Allen, Ms Pearce, Ms Burn