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        Year 1 Maths         


                             Summer Holiday Maths

Please find detailed below a selection of Maths activities you may like to access over the Summer Holidays.  This is not an expectation but many parents have expressed an interest in having a range of resources provided over the six week break.  


Below you will find a selection of online, paper based, practical real life Maths activities and songs to choose from.  Please select the tasks which best suit you and your child.

White Rose - Summer Holiday Work Books - FREE

Free Online Resources

NCETM Video Lesson
Oak Academy Video Lessons
Number Blocks

Practical, Real Life Maths

Maths is all around us everyday.  You can provide valuable maths activities for your child at home using some of the ideas below:


- Use tupperware and containers / bottles to make your own water table to explore capacity, pouring and measure.  (the recycling box is a good place to source this)

- Learn to tell the time to the nearest hour and half hour.

- recognise and sort real coins and money.  Make a tuck shop at home for daily fruit and snacks and encourage children to budget their day.

- Baking is ideal for measuring and reading scales.

- Board games promote valuable maths skills - snakes and ladders, cards, monopoly.

- Measure and make your own play dough  

- Look for numbers in the world around us - front doors, road signs etc.  Can they tell you if its odd / even?  A multiple of 10?  Can they add two door numbers together?

- Counting, counting and more counting.  Count everything as you go - stairs, toys, sweets.  Practise counting in 2s - socks, shoes etc.

Skip Counting Practice


Keep counting to 100 and skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Move, count and sing here...

Count by 2

Count by 5's

Count by 10's


Let's Get Fit - Count to 100