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Make Someone's Day!

The Marmalade Trust is a charity dedicated to recognising loneliness across society and helping people to make new friendships.


During this half term, why not write a letter to an elderly person, who may feel lonely at this time, and brighten up their day!


 You could tell them a bit about what you have been doing during lockdown and a bit about yourself and what you enjoy.  Please remember not to put your address and just use your first name when you sign off.  It would be lovely if you could also draw a picture for them. 


When you have finished your letter/picture, please drop it at the office in school. There will be a labelled box where Miss Wright will arrange for them to be sent to members of the Marmalade Trust. (The letters will be left for 7 days to make sure they are safe.) 


 If you want to learn more about the work that Marmalade Trust do, then please click on the link below: 

Picture 1
Picture 2