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HANDA'S SURPRISE Picture Book Animation

Intended for educational purposes. Copyright belongs to RIC Publications

Puppet Show

Last Friday you made puppets of the characters in the story of Handa's Surprise.

Today you are going to use your puppets to retell the story.

Hopefully you know the story very well now and can remember it.


You can get your puppets to talk while acting out the story. Imagine what they might say.

You are the narrator so you tell the story as you move the puppets.

Maybe you can perform your puppet show to your family or take a video of it.

Make sure you speak in a loud clear voice so that your audience can hear you.


If you want to you could write a script. This is what the narrator and each character says and will remind you what to say when performing.


Most of all, have fun and enjoy the story!

Here is the story text map.

It might help you to tell your story.

Handas surprise text map video

Narrated text map of Handa's Surprise