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Today we are going to reflect on our time in Year 3. We have done many exciting things this year, can you make a list of all of your favourite things that you have done in Year 3?            

Have a look at these photos for some ideas!

What is your one favourite memory of Year 3? Your challenge today is to make a model,  draw,  paint, write about, create a poster, poem or PowerPoint about your favourite memory of the year. You could choose more than one if you'd like to!


We would love to see what you have chosen!


Over the next 2 days we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher to tell them all about yourself. Today you are going to plan it and tomorrow you will write it.


Firstly, have you watched the video from your new teacher? Cedar, your new teacher in Year 4 is Mr Mepsted and Oak, your new teacher is Miss Bunnett. Click the link below to watch their video if you haven’t already!


Letters need to be written in paragraphs so that they make sense and are easy to read.  Watch the first two videos on the link below to remind yourself about why paragraphs are important and how to write and punctuate questions.


Now plan what you would like to include in your letter. The planning sheet below has headings to help you.  What would you like to tell your new teacher about yourself? Add your ideas to the planning sheet below.

Using your plan, write your letter to your new teacher.         


  • Each box on your plan should be a separate paragraph.

  • Between each paragraph you need to leave a line.

  • Each paragraph should be at least three sentences long and include lots of detail.

  • You have done a lot of the thinking yesterday, so now you need to turn your notes into full sentences.

  • Your letter should start with:

         Dear Miss Bunnett, or

         Dear Mr Mepsted

Once your letter is complete, please send it to your new teacher. Simply email:


Plan a Dream Jar

We would like you to spend the next couple of days looking forward to next year and planning a Dream Jar.

In today’s task plan what you would like to include in your Dream Jar. Look at the Dream Jar planner below for ideas to get you started.


Create your Dream Jar.

Watch the video below which shows how you could create your own dream jar.

How to make a Dream Jar

Your challenge today is to create a Dream Jar and then stick your dreams on the outside.  You could use the ‘Dream Jar template’ below if you don’t have the resources available at home. Why not decorate it before you write your sentences?