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The BFI has films from all over the country. If you type in where you live, you can find films from your area. You can try it here:


Watch this film about Bristol. It was made in 1951. How many years ago was that?


Write a list of all the places you find on the video that you recognise and are the same as today!



Make a chart like the one below. What do you notice that is different about Bristol and what is the same?



The cars are more square

We still have a harbour


Watch the video again (by clicking in the link above)  and pause it at a point that you like or you find interesting.


Take time to make a mind map of what it might have been like. Use the 5 senses.

Like the one below:



Imagine you were a child who lived in Bristol at that time. How would your life have been different?

Watch this video about the 1950s for inspiration:


Create yourself as a character who lived in Bristol in 1951.

What did you do for fun?

Where did you live?

What did you do at school?

What did you wear?

Did you have job? Where was it?

What job did your parents do?



Go back to the part in the video that you enjoyed:


Write a short description about what it was like.