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This week we are continuing to learn about Anansi with another brilliant video from the Unicorn Theatre.




Today we are going to watch the new video in full.


Click here to find it:

The Sky God Nyame pours the wisdom down onto the town.


Draw what the Sky God might look like and write a short description about what they look like.  




In the story Anansi finds a pot of wisdom.


Find out what wisdom means.

List some people who you think are wise. What makes them wise?

Write 4-5 sentences about a wise person you know.


CHALLENGE: Interview a member or members of your family and ask them their favourite pieces of wisdom.




When the wisdom was released, all the fighting in the city stopped.


Why do you think that the wisdom stopped the fighting in the town?

What is the difference between wisdom, cleverness and common sense.


In the film, they use symbols to represent different types of wisdom. Can you think of symbols for each of our school values.


(co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness)

Write a sentence giving an example of each value.

E.g. kindness – Mr Irwin made Miss Datta some tea.




Anansi wants to collect all the wisdom in the town, using a pot.


Can you design a pot that is large enough to fit all the wisdom inside of it?


Will the pot have a special lid, so the wisdom does not all fall out?


Does your pot have a special code to get inside it, so that no one else can open the pot?





Anansi tries to climb the tree with his pot full of wisdom.


What special equipment will you need to climb the tree?


Will you have special shoes that stick to the tree, so you don’t fall off?


How will you carry your pot of wisdom?


Draw and label a picture of the special equipment that you will need to climb the tree with the pot of wisdom.