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This week we are continuing to learn about Anansi with another brilliant video from the Unicorn theatre.


Today we are going to watch the new video in full.

Click here to find it:

In the story Anansi and his family love to eat and party.

Once you have watched the video, write 5 things you like to do with your family.



One of the parties is serving rice and peas, fried chicken and coconut cake. These are traditional Jamaican recipes.

What food do your family like to serve at a party?

You activity today is to learn a recipe and write it down. We would love to hear what special recipes you cook at home!

If you are finding it difficult, you could ask an adult in your house or even call a family member so they can tell you how to cook something on the phone!

If you need some inspiration, here is Buddy Oliver’s video for making pancakes:

Draw a picture of what the meal should look like as well.



Start today by playing which would you choose. It’s a bit like when Miss Datta asked you to write a ‘What would you rather?’ book. Ask people in your household what they would choose.

Here is an example: What would you choose? Chocolate ice-cream for the rest of your life or pizza for the rest of your life?

Which party would you choose and why? The West Village or the East Village?

Make an invitation to one of the parties. Make sure you decorate it nicely so that people will want to come.


Where the party is happening?

What’s on the menu?

What time it is happening?

Any other details you can think of


CHALLENGE: Think of the best party you can think of. What food would be on the menu? What activities would people do? Where would it take place?
Make an invitation for that party.



Watch the video again paying particular attention to the song.

Today you are going to write your own song about two people’s houses you know.

I have decided to write a song about my grandma’s. I thought I would celebrate my Grandad’s Indian heritage. See if you can work out which place he lived.

Prawn Biriyani – where?

Brinjal Pickle – where?

Apple cake – where?

Granny London’s house  - Aaaaye!

Barbeque fish – where?

Stewed apple – where?

Molasses flapjack – where?

Granny Lyme Regis’s -  Aaaaaye!


Now you can make a performance of it. You could add a beat to it using something in your house for a drum!



Today you are going to make a map of the story. Think about all the places in the story. What do you think they might look like? And where are they? You might want to include compass points like this one. Add some of the characters that are found in those places. Can you show what is happening at the two parties and some of the food they are eating? Can you show Anansi stuck at the crossroads?

Make sure you include these places:

- The story takes place on an island – draw the outline of your island

- The village where Anansi, Quek and Kuma live

- The West Village where the antelope lives

- The East Village where the dog lives

- The crossroads in the middle of the island

- The roads which lead to the different villages

- Maybe you can add in the sea around the island