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Tuesday 2nd February

We are going to start an animal fact file in our literacy today.

Here lots of links to help with your research!

Top facts about lions | WWF

Lions are known as powerful, majestic and highly sociable predators.Hear Ria share our top facts about this iconic mammal!Visit our website for more informat...

Top facts about elephants | WWF

Elephants are highly intelligent and giants of our world. Hear Jess share our top facts about our planet's largest land mammal!Visit our website for more inf...

Top facts about rhinos | WWF

Rhinos have been on our planet for millions of years! Hear Jess tell us more interesting facts about these armoured giants.Visit our website for more informa...

Top facts about mountain gorillas | WWF

Gorillas are some of our closest relatives. Hear Lauren tell us more about these great fur-coated apes. Visit our website for more information and follow us ...