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The document attached below is aimed at helping adults at home support their children with writing. There are some fantastic tips on here.
Looking back, looking forwards



For the first part of the week we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher. Today, go to the BBC Bitesize page below and remind yourself how to write a properly structured letter by completing the tasks.



Today, we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher. Think about what you would like to say. Here are a few ideas:


  • Who you are and what you like doing out of school e.g. any hobbies or particular interests.
  • What you like about school and what you like doing in school.
  • What you are looking forward to in Year 5.


Once your letter is complete, please send it to your new teacher. Simply email:



Today is when you reflect on Year 4. We would like you to think about your highlights of the year and create something to show this. It could be a paragraph of writing, a picture, a play dough creation, a junk model, a fact any way you want.


Here are a few things we have done to jog your memories and what a list it is!


  • Trumpets and trombones
  • A trip to Leigh Woods
  • Forensic 'Whodunnit' Science Day
  • A trip to Cadbury World
  • World Book Day
  • Art Week
  • RE Days
  • Bristol slave trade walking trip
  • UWE Engineering Day
  • Lantern Parade
  • House singing competition
  • Charity Week
  • Earth Week
  • Sports Relief 



We would like to see you spending the next couple of days looking forward to next year and to plan a Dream Jar. 


In today’s task plan what you would like to include in your Dream Jar. Look at the Dream Jar planner below for ideas to get you started.



Watch this video to actually create a Dream Jar and then stick your dreams on the outside or use the Dram Jar template below if you don’t have the resources. Why not decorate it before you write your sentences.