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If you've missed one of our daily updates, then this is the place to find all the documents from our previous days of home learning! smiley


Week Beginning 1st June



Write 5 questions that you have about this picture. Think about what you would like to know about it. What does it make you want to find out? 


Challenge 1: Can you think of 10 questions?

Challenge 2: Can you write some of your questions from one of the character's points of view?



Day 2: Inference!


The character in the front of this picture is looking back at something. Use your inference skills to draw a new part of the picture; the part that this character is looking back at. 



Day 3: Setting Description


This is a beautiful and mysterious looking place! Your challenge today is to write a setting description to help  your reader understand what this intriguing place is like. 


Challenge 1: Try to include as many of the senses as you can.

Challenge 2: Try to include a simile in your description.


Day 4: Characters


Look carefully at the characters in this picture. Who are they? What can you infer about them? Write a 5 sentence description about them. Think about: 

- Their name

- Their personality (what are they like?)

- What they're afraid of

- Why they might be there


Challenge: Describe them from another character's point of view. (e.g. The monster behind the tree describing the lady in the blue cloak)


Day 5: What happens next?


Now it's over to you! Finish the story in any way you want to! 

You could create:

- A comic strip

- A story

- A video or series of freeze frames

- A poem


It's up to you! Enjoy!


Week Beginning 1st June

Find Three Quarters

Count in fractions

Measure length (cm)

Measure length (m)

Compare lengths


Hold Your Head Up | Make Your Own Martha the Giraffe

Martha the Giraffe is a very special puppet first seen in the My Great Giraffe stage show in 2019. She handily fits into a backpack, and visits hospitals and...

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Philosophy for Children (P4C): If you've missed our P4C discussions then today's your chance to get your brains thinking. You could ask some of your family to join you! To get your brains warmed up, follow this survey and have a go at the 'Thunks' to get you started:


Once you've done that, then follow the link below to watch our stimulus. It's a story all about a girl who became an artist. It should get you thinking about ideas like 'talent', 'kindness' and 'honesty'. We'll look forward to hearing what you come up with!



Week Beginning 30th March

 In his Monday Assembly this week, Mr Bailey played a beautiful piece of music composed by Grieg - it is called 'Morning.' Today, we would love you to write a poem inspired by this piece of music. You could use the 'When I heard the music...' template to help you, or make a poem up by yourself!


Greig - Morning from Peer Grynt - Best-of Classical Music

Week Beginning 23rd March


Use these resources including the song to help you learn about the life cycle of a frog!


Frog Cycle Song.mp3



Week beginning 30th March


It's time for some scientific investigation! This investigation is all about splashes. When you drop things into water they make a splash but what makes a big splash and what barely makes a splash at all? Is it how heavy things are? Is it their shape? Is it whether they float or not? Your Friday challenge is to investigate how things splash! You could use a sink or a bath if you have one BUT REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH A GROWN-UP BEFORE YOU DROP ANYTHING INTO WATER!



Below is the link to the continents song on YouTube as well as a map to be filled in. See if you can learn all 7 seven continents as well as where they are on the map.



Continents Song