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Cutting activity from Mrs McElwee

A simple activity to help with cutting skills and building up the strength in your writing hand.

Here are some resources to help with letter formation.

Printable version of the above poster

Online resources
  • This game is great for demonstrating how to form each letter correctly. The plane shows how to correctly form the selected letter, for children to copy. Once you click on the link, select 'English games' and scroll down to 'Sky writer' (which is on the 3rd row). Make sure you tick the box that says 'cursive'. You can also play this game on a tablet, just go onto 
  • As part of our school subscription, you have access to the handwriting resources website we use. It's and has a selection of printable resources and demonstration videos for each letter of the alphabet. You can also make your own printable sheets.  It has pattern copying too, which helps children to develop strength in their writing hand and get used to the flow of pen on paper.


Log onto the website or click on the link below. On their home screen you need to select the top right button to say whether you are using a tablet or desktop computer. The username is vic and the password for tablets is a capital L shape starting at the top left. The password for desktops is tor. Once on the website select 'free play'. The options are on the left hand side. Patterns and easy letters are tabs we use a lot in school. When you click on one you have the option to play a demonstration of the letter and try to write it yourself.

Printable resources
Here is a booklet of all the letters of the alphabet formed in cursive script. This resource is designed to be printed off and used.  

Alternative fine motor activities

At school we also do a variety of activities that build strength in hands and fingers, which is essential for being able to hold a pencil comfortably.  Anything that involves using the thumb and first finger will help with this, such as:

  • Making models with Lego
  • Threading pasta tubes/beads/cheerios onto string or uncooked spaghetti
  • Cutting or ripping paper. The smaller the pieces children need to rip/cut, the more control they will need to use, and so the muscles have to work harder.

Printable cutting patterns