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Friday 7th May 2021

In this week's newsletter we have an update about Bristol School Streets, some useful information from National Online Safety, and a reminder from our PSHE team about Jigsaw lessons in term 6.

Bristol School Streets

Our postponed “Bristol School Streets” scheme has been re-scheduled to begin on Wednesday 26th May 2021. This will see Atlas Road and the lower portion of Raymend Road closed to incoming vehicles at drop off and pick up times. Here is a message from Mr Bailey about the scheme.
As a school we are positive about the “Bristol School Streets” scheme. I am aware there has been concern from some local residents, including our own parents and carers, about certain aspects of the proposed scheme mainly relating to the reversal of the one way system on Raymend Road. While this was communicated to all local residents by Bristol City Council early in the scheme’s developmental period, and by me on my letter to all parents and carers dated 19th March 2021, the impact of this element of the scheme is being questioned and discussed by those residents on surrounding streets who may be affected. I wanted to make it clear that as a school we expressed an interest in joining the Bristol School Streets scheme a number of years ago, because of the positive impact on our pupils’ safety. Having been selected this year, all of the decisions about how to close the streets (including the one way reversal) have been made by traffic officers at Bristol City Council.
This pilot scheme is a trial and a consultation, with the express aim of gathering the views of residents, parents and carers about its successes and failures. I therefore urge you to use the dedicated webpage to make your views heard. If you wish to contribute to the consultation, please go to

Online Safety

This week we are sharing with you some parent guides from the National Online Safety website.  These easy-read guides have information on what you need to know about popular games/social media platforms your children might be accessing and how to protect them while they are using them.  Please take some time to have a look through these guides.

PHSE in Term 6

Thank you to those parents and carers who attended our Zoom session to find out more about the Jigsaw curriculum in Term 6. There are a limited number of Jigsaw lessons in Term 6 which parents and carers may opt to remove their children from, but this must be a decision made in consultation with either Mr Bailey (Headteacher) or Miss Wright (PSHE lead). Today was the last day for parents to request a 10 minute telephone conversation, which will be taking place next week. Please email if you still need to request an appointment.

We have our Parents' Evening video calls next week. Please remember to sign up for your appointment by visiting if you have not done so already. Have a lovely weekend!