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Today we are going be creating our instruction leaflet for sea monkeys. You will need to add more detail to your notes and explain the steps you need to take in order to care for the sea monkeys. Also, add some pictures of your sea monkeys. 


Website to help you create a tri-fold leaflet: 


Here is an example of what the beginning of your leaflet might look like:



Due to some of the feedback that we have received from parents and children, we have decided to simplify the maths this week. You can choose to follow the maths on one of the following websites.


Bitesize The teachers think this is quite straight forward to follow and from what we have seen this week, looks like a bit of revision for children in year 3. This is a good thing for children to be doing whilst they are at home as we are very aware that learning new things is not very easy.


However, for those children who would like an extra challenge or feel very confident in maths, White Rose would be good.


Please let us know how this goes. We will continue to add things into the Extra Maths section for those people who need it.