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Friday 25th September 2020

Welcome to this week's newsletter, in a week where it feels like Autumn has arrived.  We are pleased to let you know that plans are progressing well for the reintroduction of the full school dinner menu in Term 2.  Below is a message from Mr Bailey about next Thursday's special Census Day menu (in case you missed it!) and a video from our school meal supplier Innovate about everything they're doing to get hot food back on the menu and mitigate risk.  Also in this week's newsletter we have an important messages about pupil clothing.

Census Day - an exciting message from Mr Bailey!

Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could help raise money for our school, just by eating fish and chips? Well believe it or not you can! Here is some exciting news and a special request...

Next week on Thursday 1st October, it is our school census day. This happens three times a year and we have to report to the government how many pupils are at school, what lessons are being taught, how many pupils are having a school dinner, and other bits of data.  The government are very interested in this information, because it helps them to decide how much money we get in our school budget next year.

On census day - next Thursday -  the more children who have school dinner, the better, especially if you're in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 because your school dinner is paid for by the government.  Did you know that for every pupil in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who takes a school dinner on census day, we could get over £200 in our school budget for next year? So even if our numbers are down by just 30, this could mean around £6,000 less in our grant for next year.  If you know that you get a free school meal - please, order one for next Thursday!

On census day next week we have a special menu.  The choices are fish fingers and chips, southern spiced Quorn burger and chips, ham or cheese sandwiches and a chocolate muffin - all for the usual price of £2.15.  Parents and carers, you can see this menu on school gateway now, and it needs to be ordered online by the end of Saturday 26th September.  Please book it now, help our school budget, and enjoy!


An exciting message from Mr Bailey - school meals next Thursday 1st October

A message from Innovate

Please watch this video from John Hamill, CEO of "Impact Food Group" who own Innovate.

IFG Primary - Full Menu Launch

Jumpers and Coats

As the weather turns colder, please remember to send children into school with a jumper or cardigan, as well as their coat.  You may be aware that we are keeping doors and windows open in school to increase ventilation and the circulation of fresh air.  While this is good for our response to COVID, it means the classrooms are a little cooler than usual.  As always, jumpers and coats should be clearly labelled with your child's name. The best way to label jumpers is to use a biro on the tag.

Next week we will be reviewing our school risk assessment, to reflect on how the start of the year has gone.  Depending on the outcome of this review, we may issue a new version of the risk assessment, which is always available for you to view on the school website. Some parents have asked if the government's latest announcements have led to changes about how we operate. However, we have received a clear message that the guidance for schools remains unchanged at the moment.  Thank you for all you are doing to help our operations run smoothly - such as keeping children at home if they display symptoms, waiting for your drop off time, remembering social distancing on the playground or reminding younger children to stand still while they are waiting with you - and remember that it's the cumulative efforts of everybody both in school and out of school that have an impact. Take care and have a lovely (safe) weekend.