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Friday 25th March 2022

Welcome to this week's newsletter. It has been wonderful to welcome you into the building for Parents' Evenings this week. So many parents and carers commented how much they have missed coming into school and looking at books. It was a great opportunity to talk about your children's progress and discuss ways you can help at home. If you missed your appointment for any reason, please telephone or email and we will endeavour to find a new opportunity for you to speak to your child's teacher.

Book of the Week

Happy World Poetry Day to you (Monday 21st March)! Why not celebrate with an anthology of bizzare and hilarious poems?
Have you ever thought about the funnier side of dogs having human names? About being a fly on the wall when the owner calls, "Walkies David!" or "Get off the sofa Sally!" Or perhaps you've been asking yourself why squirrels steal from bird feeders? Maybe you wish you had more confidence to just be yourself or are worried about school assessments or an ageing pet? Whether you need cheering up, a sympathetic ear or something funnier or more thought-provoking, you’ll find plenty in this poetry collection for every occasion and mood.
‘Bright bursts of colour’ by Matt Goodfellow explores a vast range of topics, from the impossibility of making a pear taste good to the plight of child soldiers.

Calling the Office

A message from Mr Bailey:

"The office team answer the phone hundreds of time per day, but it only takes one call to go awry to have a negative impact on the wellbeing and happiness of our team. I'm sorry to let you know that in recent weeks, our office team have taken a small number of phone calls from callers using an angry and aggressive tone. The huge majority of callers are kind and polite, as you would expect from our close community.

There are many reasons for calling the office - and we welcome them all! If necessary, you may make an appointment to speak to me or your child's teacher at any time, by calling the office team. Often the office team will pass messages to staff or point you in the right direction, if they can not deal with your request directly. They are also crucial in managing the smooth operation of the school. Sometimes things go wrong, but in my years working in education, I have not come across any issue - big or small - which cannot be dealt with in a calm and collaborative way, because we all have the best interests of our children at heart.

Above all, we must work together to model for our children the values we expect to see, including Respect and Kindness. I feel confident that you will support me in this. I will take this opportunity to thank Mrs Brown, Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Heath for everything they do - we would not be able to run the school without you!"

A message from Moose

Dear Parents/Carers,

Term 5 bookings will go live on THURSDAY 24th March at 7pm. Parents/Carers will be required to book the sessions you need. We are unable to reserve any spaces for the term.  If you experience any issues with booking via the system, do please contact us. Please do book early to avoid disappointment. Our Easter bookings are also open and we currently still have availability.

Many thanks,

The Moose Team.

Other Information

Easter Holiday Bible Club - click below for details of this offer from Bedminster Church of Christ.

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend - put your clocks forward by one hour on Sunday morning (then let mum have a lie in)!